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Metti alla prova il tuo inglese

Metti alla prova il tuo Inglese!

_______________ is a book and _______________ are pens.

Certe cose sono difficili. 

Everyone has _________________________ teeth. 

Can she play tennis? Yes, she ____________________. 

Did you ____________________ to the cinema last Christmas?

Potresti provare a cercarlo su Internet.

Look! The bus ____________________.

I want to go____________________.

Mi puoi rispondere al più presto? 

Will _______________________ the report by eleven o’clock tomorrow morning?

Se solo sapessi dove ho lasciato le chiavi.

This kind of music is very popular ____________________ young people at the moment.

I know what that word means! I looked _________ in my dictionary.

If we ____________ in England, English ____________________ our first language. 

By this time next year, I ____________________ all my exams.

____________________ to concerts?

If he ____________________ come, we ____________________ seen him.

I usually ____________________ tea, but today I ____________________ coffee.

I’ve got no idea what ____________________ this time next year. I might be studying in Holland.

Daniel  ____________________ Spain every summer.

The average score is 62%

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